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Rentokil Soil Treatment (RST)

How the Rentokil Soil Treatment works?

The job involves building an anti-termite barrier immediately underneath the building structure as a protection against damages caused by Subterranean Termites.

There are two stages involved:

  • Stage I -The saturation of the compacted soil/hardcore bed with the termiticide throughout the build-in area prior to the laying of lean-concrete or floor-slab concrete.

  • Stage II - The treatment of the compacted soil/hardcore bed on which the aprons around the building are to be constructed, prior to concreting. The area to be treated all round the building walls or the perimeter drain, whichever comes first. The treatment would termite-proof the building and avoid the expenses on replacement of damaged timber structure caused by Subterranean Termites.

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  • Qualified Technicians - all technicians employed by Rentokil are medically certified, physically healthy and free from disease and drug addiction. Our technicians undergo regular technical training to improve their skills on termite treatment. They are closely monitored and coached by experienced supervisors to ensure the best quality of services.

  • Technical Support - what we learn in one country, we share with others. It is our local experience that makes us the leaders in our field.

  • Termiticide Approval - registered and approved termiticide by Pesticides Board of Thailand


  • No internal drilling or damages inside a premises during retreatment in the future
  • Termiticide used is insoluble in the soil, so the barrier stays exactly where it is needed and will not be leached away by rainfall or water in the garden
  • Rentokil's 3 years service warranty certification

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