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Rentokil Termite Annual Maintenance (RTAM) / Liquid Termiticide Treatment

How RTAM / Liquid Termiticide Treatment Works?

The termiticide treatment creates a treated zone around the perimeter of your premises by injecting termiticide into the ground to form a barrier between the soil and building structure. The termiticide can be applied under a concrete floor or around the foundations of the building both prior to or after construction.

As termites workers tunnel through treated zones in search of food, they are exposed to the termiticide. The termiticide is not only ingested, but also adheres to their bodies. The affected termites then spread the active ingredient to other termites through physical contact, eventually reducing the population of the colony.

Rentokil Termite Annual Maintenance (RTAM) / Liquid Termiticide Treatment

The RTAM intensively protects your property against termite infestation by creating a treated zone. This involves drilling of holes and injection of liquid termiticide by our well-equipped and trained service technicians, to carry out this treatment safely and systematically.

Rentokil’s liquid chemical barrier is one of the safest and most effective solutions to protect your home and family from the destruction of termites. To give our customers greater assurance, we warrant the effectiveness of our termite treatment according to the packages and will carry out re-treatment should there be a re-infestation of subterranean termites within the warranty period.

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  • Qualified Technicians - all technicians employed by Rentokil are medically certified, physically healthy and free from disease and drug addiction. Our technicians undergo regular technical training to improve their skills on termite treatment. They are closely monitored and coached by experienced supervisors to ensure the best quality of services.

  • Technical Support - what we learn in one country, we share with others. It is our local experience that makes us the leaders in our field.

  • Termiticide Approval - registered and approved termiticide by Pesticides Board of Thailand


  • Non-disruptive – No internal drilling or damages inside a premises during retreatment in the future
  • Peace of mind – Routine and ongoing checks for signs of termite activity
  • Environmentally friendly – All stations contains non-toxic bait

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