Pre Moving and Construction Treatment

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Pre moving construction treatment

Benefits of Pest Control Treatment before Moving In/Construction

For most people, the aspect of buying/ moving into a new home signifies a new beginning. But many would not know if the land where the property is built upon has been a home to pest.

That is why, it is highly recommended for property developers to treat the land before construction (Termite Guard System and Soil Treatment), and for homeowners to do a pre-moving pest control treatment. Although termites are not really a disease carrying pest, they do pack a punch to the structural integrity of your building or value of your home when they infest.

3 reasons to have termite control for Pre-construction (Termite Guard System and Soil Treatment):

  • You can act quickly and get a pest controller to stop further infestation when termite activity is spotted early on, thus saving you cost

  • Termites are very smart at evading thus it is difficult to spot them without specialised training. A trained pest control professional will ensure that the termite treatments are placed at high risk spots

  • We have knowledge of termite species behaviour that infest your area, thus able to deploy the right treatment if needed

Although do-it-yourself (DIY) termite treatments are not encouraged because it can be ineffective and may end up spreading an infestation to other areas of your property, you can still do DIY termite monitoring and have an annual comprehensive termite inspection.

Having a fulfilling and rewarding place to stay is another matter if there is pest presence even before moving in. So, instead of fretting over it, you can always schedule a free site inspection and also a pre-moving pest control treatment to flush pest out from your home/ premises.

Why schedule a pest control treatment before moving in?

  • Helps identify potential pest problems reducing risk of infestation
  • Identifying pest entry points allow you to seal areas e.g. windows, doors, any cracks and pipe
  • Helps you decide the right pest control package with our specialist, depending if there is high pest infestation or as regular maintenance

At Rentokil, we work closely with you to fully understand your needs so that we can recommend the right treatment for your peace of mind. Call us at 02 290 8500 or 1800 225 226 (Toll-free number) to schedule a site inspection or drop us a message here.