Moth Control

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How To Keep Moths Away

It can be difficult to keep moths away, but it is important to deny moths’ access to indoor compound. This is because, once it is inside, moths will lay eggs in dark and rarely disturbed areas such as wardrobes or cabinets, where clothes or other fabrics are stored and could be damaged.

Here are practical steps you can take to reduce the risk of an infestation.

  • Install fly netting/screens to deter moths from entering your premises through doors and windows.

  • Vacuum regularly at hidden areas such as under large furniture or sofas to ensure moth eggs are removed before they hatch.

  • Keep stored textiles in sealed bags to prevent moth’s access to lay eggs.

  • Clean clothes thoroughly before storing them, as moths are attracted to dirty clothes.

  • Inspect incoming stored products regularly.

High Risk Areas For Moth Infestation Includes:

  • Underneath beds - especially in less frequent used spare rooms.

  • Infrequently used cabinets, drawers and wardrobes

  • Stored product storage area

Keep Moths Away with Rentokil

Have you noticed holes and moth damage on your clothes or stored products? At Rentokil, we provide moth solutions to protect your home and business premises from this unwanted neighbour.

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