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What is Surface & air sanitisation?

Indoor surfaces and air may look and smell clean. But time and again it may be contaminated with harmful microorganisms that contain airborne and viral diseases. It is contagious and spreads from person to person in various common ways which include:

  • Breathing in air-borne droplets from infected person
  • Consuming food or water contaminated with a virus
  • Indirect transmission from person to person possibly from pests such as mosquito, tick, or rats
  • Touching surfaces containing viruses (cross contamination)

We often hear the quote prevention is better than cure, which we couldn’t emphasise more when it comes to airborne and viral diseases. Infected person can have life-threatening complications, such as dehydration, bacterial pneumonia, and other secondary bacterial infections and are especially riskier for those who are young or very old. There are many ways to prevent you and people you care about from getting these deadly diseases.

How do I prevent viral and airborne disease from spreading?

Rentokil has designed an effective treatment which offers peace of mind to an establishment for infection control, known as Rentokil Surface & air sanitisation.

However, for those that prefer to have a hygienic living or working environment, this surface sterilisation treatment can be introduced to your premises routinely to safe keep you and the people you care about. When there’s less microbes present, there is a reduced likelihood of cross infection.

Rentokil Surface & air sanitisation uses a unique formulation with a powerful composition that surpasses all the other disinfectants. In terms of efficacy, it has been proven highly effective, including airborne and viral diseases such as Avian Influenza (H5N1), Influenza A (H1N1) virus and Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease.

Rentokil Surface & air sanitisation with its holistic approach involves a thorough surface wipe-down using disinfectant solution at possible contact areas within the premises, followed by a space disinfection to complete the whole process. Your premises gets sanitised and protected in one hour.

Why do you need Surface & air sanitisation?

  • Reduce the risk of cross infection in an enclosed area
  • Safe and comfortable environment offers peace of mind
  • Responsible action to take during pandemic, epidermic or outbreak

How Is It Done?

Step 1: Evacuation of people and pets (if any) from the area of treatment. This is a routine precaution.

Step 2: Rentokil highly trained service technician with proper equipment will commence surface sanitisation with thorough wiping of all high-contact areas such as table surfaces, door knobs, filing cabinet handles, chair armrest, keyboards, mouse, electrical switches and phones with the disinfectant solution.

Step 3: Before the space sanitisation takes place, customer are advised to cover all electrical appliances and the ventilation systems will be shut off. Space sanitization using the solution in the form of misting will commence after that to deliver disinfectant particles at hard-to-reach corners, wall and floor surfaces.

Step 4: The enclosed treatment area will be exposed to the disinfectant solution for a minimum duration of one hour before the ventilation process takes place.

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